Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yacon: Smallanthus sonchifolius-Asteraceae

Yacon, an Andean daisy has become one of our highly valued foodplants.
By juicing the tubers and concentrating the liquid, we make Yacon Molasses, a long storing inulin containing sweetener.

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    Different from dark molasses of conventional yacon syrup on the market, Yacon Syrup from Mt. Camellia has the following characteristics:

    - Standardized short chain FructoOligoSaccharides (sc-FOS) ;
    - Contains 40% - 60% sc-FOS ;
    - Syrup color: Golden to Amber color, Translucent ;
    - Syrup concentration: 65 brix min., inhibits growth of microorganisms ;
    - No additives, No preservatives, No sulfites ;
    - Agricultural hazards such as Heavy metals, pesticide residue (if any) are removed by physical methods.

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